UK’s Leading Supplier and Installer of Frameless Glass Doors

CRN Doors now offers thermally efficient frameless glass doors. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are great for installations between rooms or as patio doors. Unique benefits include energy efficiency, lowering the heating bills overall, and customisation to any sized entryway.

Frameless glass doors can be installed in an office or at home. They are bi-folding doors providing aesthetics and ease of use. The space-saving design opens like a curtain. No longer do people have to install bulky frames and worry about awkward opening and closing.

The Benefits of our Frameless Glass Doors

No Bulky Frames: Without a wide frame to get in the way, occupants can look from the inside to the outdoor patio, garden, or scenic view. The slimline frame is as reliable as traditional choices, but is designed to last longer; it is more reliable since fewer moving parts are integrated. Professional installation and durable parts means the door will work properly for years to come.

Many Options: While looking seamless, frameless glass doors come with options such as single glazing. This allows for a clear view and is great for doors used to separate rooms. The doors are 100% retractable, meaning they won’t obstruct anything in the open position. As a result, the interior looks better and large gatherings can be more comfortable. Added glazing is available should the homeowner feel it is necessary.

Homes and businesses can also benefit from double glazed doors. The benefits here are added weather protection, suitable for outdoor installations, and longevity for urban or coastal homes. With glass more conductive than metal, frameless glass doors are also thermally efficient. For other products also see our truly slimline bifold doors.

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