UK’s Leading Supplier and Installer of Concertina Doors 

Concertina doors are a unique choice to add space to a home. It is possible to maximise this space because the doors are adaptable – they can be used internally or externally. They fold flat against the wall when opening, and therefore take up a minimal amount of space. People can move freely about the room. With this in mind, a Concertina door is an ideal room divider while effective as a door separating the interior of the house from the outside.

Suitable for various residential and commercial applications, our main product range is as follows:

Folding Sliding Doors – Our slimline folding sliding doors are fully retractable and also maximise clear glass views.

Bifolding Patio Doors – Aluminium bifolding doors are customised to suit the needs of every home

Glass Sliding Doors – The perfect way to open your home and give 100% clear glass views.

Homeowners have many options to choose from when it comes to materials. The manufacturer offers vinyl, veneer, laminate materials, solid timber, and popular powder coating or aluminium doors. With many color choices available, one can pick what will perfectly match their home. There are also choices for the types of lock the customer chooses. If the door leads outside, the right lock adds a high level of security.

In addition, Concertina doors can open either to the left or right. Custom orders can also include different types of tracks, handles, or hinges. At CRN Doors, professional technicians are ready to tailor the design to the customer’s needs. Several other benefits prove the customer is always at the top of the list, especially since the products can be adapted to any style of home.

Benefits of Concertina Doors:

Concertina doors are never an obstruction and are easy to fold up, making them perfect room dividers or entry ways. The durability and choice of colors and materials are undeniably great assets to homeowners, while security is an extra many competing products just don’t provide. The neat folding mechanism is designed to optimize any living space.


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